White Bella™


It is advanced concept whitening solution. Due to its foundation ingredient, skin texture can be toned and can experience safe intense whitening treatment which is effective for whitening and wrinkle improvement.

Characteristics of product


Immediate whitening effect after quick treatment.


Effective for all pigmented skin.


Contains culture medium of stem cell and it is effective for fine lines and whitening


Capable to get treatment in any seasons of year.

Indications and effects for White Bella

Skin Type

– pigmented skin
– dark and uneven skin tone
– melasma, freckle, pigmentation skin
– pigments and scars by acne
– pigmented skin by expose to ultraviolet and aging


– Asian, caucasian, african American, immediate and gradual whitening effect
– restoration of skin tone and whitening effect
– control oversupplying melanin activities
– neutralizing free radical and activate cell restoration
– activate collagenesis
– control formation of pigments
– apply before exposed to sunlight, decrease of melanin contents

* please talk to specialist for inflammatory and acne skin.

Method of use for White Bella

Mesotherapy : electronic device, ultrasound device, iontophoresis(±), MTS roller (Max 0.25mm)

Oxygen therapy n

Light therapy (PDT) n

After peeling treatment

At daily basic stage

Active ingredients of WhiteBella

Micro capsuled Diacetyl Boldine (DAB) & manganese titanium dioxide : excellent whitening effect with balancing hydration

Arbutin : whitening effect

Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract : antioxidant effect for antiaging and antiflammatory effect

Hyaluronic acid : strong hydration by hydration molecule from its particle structure